Introducing Couples Erotica to Your Relationship

Curious about couples erotica? The benefits of sharing erotica with your significant other are countless – whether you’re looking spice up your partnership, try new things or enhance intimacy between the two of you, it’s a remedy that can fix it all! This week, the Zen Erotica team discuss exactly how to introduce it into your relationship.

How to Approach It


Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try reading erotica together? Maybe it’s been loosely discussed but you’ve never taken the opportunity? Exploring erotica as a couple can be an enriching and exciting experience that can truly elevate your relationship. The best way to approach something new when it comes to sex is through open communication. In fact, it’s key to this new idea working!

Start a with a casual, no pressure discussion on your sexual interests and things you’d maybe like to try. Have an open conversation on your preferences and boundaries to assess what you’re both comfortable exploring. Be honest in what excites you and any initial concerns. It’s essential to ensure that both partners feel heard and respected before trying something new.


Introducing Erotica


Once you’ve confirmed you’d like to try, there is no limit to what you can explore through couples erotica. Here’s our advice on how introducing it to the bedroom:


Start Slowly


Ease into It: Begin with something mild and gauge the vibes! This could be reading a romantic or erotic novel together, watching a sensual movie, or exploring erotic audio stories.

Choose Together: Select the material together to ensure it aligns with both of your preferences and comfort levels. This also makes for a fun date night activity…


Create a Comfortable Environment


Set the Mood: Create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Dim the lights, play soft music, and ensure privacy to make the experience more enjoyable. Go at your own pace.

Be Present: Put away distractions and be fully present with each other to enhance the experience. It’s key to reading your/your partners’ body and heightening the overall experience.


Experiment with Different Mediums


When it comes to Erotica, it’s never a one size fits all approach, so explore your options!

Books and Stories: Start with erotic literature that you can read to each other, individually or together. This allows you to engage your imagination and immerse yourself in a scenario.

Audio Erotica: Listen to erotic stories together, close your eyes and put yourselves in the characters shoes, you could even enact what you hear…

Visual Media: If you feel comfortable, you can explore erotic films or videos. Choose content that focuses on intimacy and connection (softcore) rather than just explicit scenes to begin with.


Discuss Afterwards


Share Your Thoughts: After the experience talk about what you liked or didn’t like. This helps in understanding each other’s preferences better and making future experiences more enjoyable. You can use what you’ve learnt to find better-suited material or approaches for the next time.


Explore and Experiment


Try Different Genres: Explore different genres and styles of erotica to find what excites you both. This can include romantic, fantasy, historical, or even sci-fi erotica.

Find Quality Content: Look for well-reviewed and respected sources of erotica. Websites, forums, and communities can offer some great recommendations. If you’re looking at this page, you’ve already found the best resource for couples erotica…


Custom Erotica


Why not take things to the next level by commissioning Zen Erotica to create a bespoke piece for you? We are specialists in curating stories for couples and can cover many different genre’s and niches. If you’re looking for something specific to tick your boxes, we’d love to hear from you! (Please note that turnaround times may vary due to high demand, so the sooner you get in touch, the better.)

If you’d like to know more about how sharing erotica can spice up your sex life, take a look at our previous blog post!


Get in Touch


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